Pingplotter requests / Latency update

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Pingplotter requests / Latency update Empty Pingplotter requests / Latency update

Beitrag  frenchy79 am Do Feb 13, 2014 1:03 pm


Update 12/02/14 20:16: We are still working on it, there will be a server message (most likely) advising players of the current situation. Fear not guys, we are not leaving you to dry! More details when we get them.

Update 12/02/14 21:15: An in-game message has been made and we are still gathering player feedback and sending in forwards. Thank you all for your help and we sincerely apologize for the problems this is causing you.

Update 13/02/14 11:57: Login servers are currently experiencing some problems. Those that are logged in should not be affected. New logins are unavailable at this time.

Update 13/02/14 12:27: There are currently issues with some EU services. The issue has been reported and assigned to the server admin team, and they're now working on getting services fixed.

Update 13/02/14 12:36: Login servers are back and login is now okay again.

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